What is energy efficiency?

We define energy efficiency as the efficient use of energy. A device, process or installation is energetically efficient when it consumes less than the average amount of energy to perform an activity. A person, service or efficient product committed to the environment, in addition to needing less energy to perform the same work, also seeks to supply, if not completely, with the largest possible amount of renewable energy (also called alternative energy)..

Energy efficiency seeks to protect the environment by reducing the energy intensity and habitating the user to consume what is necessary and no more. The CO2 emissions that we send to the atmosphere are increasing and, for this reason, energy efficiency has become a way of taking care of the planet since, not only is it to use less consuming appliances, but to be us who consume less and more “green”.

Problems and advantages of energy efficiency

The problem with energy efficiency is that it is still a choice. Currently not all the products we use are efficient; we can see it on the energy efficiency labels of many appliances that we buy, and that’s because the efficient alternative is always something more expensive than the one that is not, as it also happens with traditional light bulbs and LED lights..

We could say that energy efficiency is, for the moment, a matter of environmental awareness. However, it must be borne in mind that, not only do they amortize quickly, but an efficient product favors directly your pocket, since energy efficiency is linked to saving electricity. Adopting other consumption habits and learning to manage energy to reduce it, we will contribute to taking care of our surroundings while saving electricity; and that is a great advantage.


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