What’s an Access Control System?

The most generalized definition of an access control system refers to the mechanism that, based on the already authenticated identification, allows access to data or resources. Basically we find access control systems in multiple forms and for different applications. For example, we find software access control systems when we type our password to open the mail, another example is when we must place our fingerprint in a reader to turn on the PC. These cases are examples that allow access to data. However, our focus on electronic security is related to the access of resources, in our case, opening a door for example.

Of course, the definition that interests us must be given in terms of electronic security:

An access control system is an electronic system that restricts or allows a user to access a specific area by validating the identification by means of different types of reading (key by keyboard, proximal tags or biometrics) and in turn controlling the resource (door, turnstile or talanquera) by means of an electrical device such as an electric strike, latch or engine.

Autonomous Access Control Systems are systems that allow controlling one or more doors, without being connected to a PC or a central system, therefore, they do not keep record of events. Although this is the main limitation, some autonomous access controls can not limit access by schedules or by groups of doors, this depends on the robustness of the brand. That is, the simplest ones only use the identification method (be it key, proximity or biometrics) as an electronic “key”.

Network Access Control Systems are systems that are integrated through a local or remote PC, where control software is used to keep track of all operations performed on the system with date, time, authorization , etc. They range from simple applications to very complex and sophisticated systems as required.


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